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About Translation Service

Utilizing our excellent communication skills, GIPU supports your international business activities through our high-quality translation. We specialize our translation skills in English, Thai and Japanese. Therefore, we do have a lot of confidence in our translation service. GIPU never use the student who is studying at Japanese language department at University. Our staffs are all professionals and have several years experience in the translation field. So you can trust our translation quality like many did in the past. For example, some companies order us to translate their important documents, although they have their own translators.


How does GIPU evaluate cost of translation?

GIPU evaluates cost of translation based on Total time spent on translation

The general procedure of translation work can be described as follows
  • Verifying the original document(s)
  • Translating the original document(s)
  • Typing the document(s)
  • Proofreading and editing the document(s).
  • Formatting the document(s)
The cost of translation service will be evaluated from the total time spent on executing the procedure described above.

Price list (arranged by the time spent on translation)

General document

The translation of general document without specialist knowledge required, such as letter, E-mail,internal company doucument, travel advertisement brochure and so on.
  • Within 15 minutes 300 Baht
  • Within 30 minutes 600 Baht
  • 1 hour 1,200 Baht

Document that requires specialist knowledge

The translation of document with business specialist knowledge required, such as industrial product, Inter-trade document, BOI document, International marriage certification document, and so on

  • Within 15 minutes 400 Baht
  • Within 30 minutes 800 Baht
  • 1 hour 1,600 Baht

DeskTop Publishing (DTP) document

In case of translating the document with extra requirement of formatting document or designing the document using DTP Software such as PDF, Adobe Illustrator and PageMaker or doing something else, the cost of service would be described as follows

  • Within 15 minutes 400 Baht
  • Within 30 minutes 800 Baht
  • 1 hour 1,600 Baht

For example, in translating English to Japanese document, the translation time would be 1 hour per 800 characters of English document, which means the cost of translation would be 1,600 baht per 800 characters of English document . (The cost is subjected to change depending on the difficulty and urgency of translation)

Currently, our company offers the free trial service for translating one part of original document that the customer sent to us along with the quotation form.

The free trial service is being offered for the customer who is interested in our translation service and sent us the quotation form. With this service, the customer is able to verify the quality of translation before making an official decision.

If the customer is being satisfied with the sample of translation and decides to make an agreement with us, the customer is required to sign the order form attached to the quotation form.

We offer the free trial service to customer without any charge, even if the customer do not order our translation service.


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